Trauma-Related OCD

Things feel out of control.

You lay in bed each night, endlessly ruminating about everything you said and did that day.

It’s impossible for you to let anything go. Your thoughts repeat unceasingly, making sleep impossible.

As the alarm goes off in the morning, you can already feel the pressure of the new day taking hold.

The past still haunts you.

Flashbacks flood over you without warning, sending you reeling and struggling to recover.

The shame and guilt of old memories play on repeat in your mind, and there seems to be no way to stop them.

“Can anything break this pattern of suffering and despair?”

Therapy can help.

Somatic therapy works to focus on the sensations of the body, allowing the brain to take a break.

Through a host of therapeutic interventions, we work on creating a sense of safety for your nervous system.

And, using tools like EMDR, we’ll create a shift in your thought patterns to break the negative cycle of shame and flashbacks.

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Find relief from the repetitive reactions, thoughts, and feelings. Ease the doubt, shame, and endless self-criticism that’s plagued you for too long.

Allow yourself to ask for and receive help from those around you.

It’s time to tune into your authentic self and develop the confidence to do anything you set out to do.

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