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Your brain is working overtime.

“If only my brain could go on a little vacation,” you frequently fantasize.

However, no matter how hard you try, you can’t seem to stop your thoughts.

The fear, worry, and anxiety are relentless and overwhelming.

It’s affecting aspects of your life.

You feel tension from the stress and lack of self-care.

You have noticed the pit in your stomach.

You are having difficulties making decisions as well as focusing and concentrating.

The body feels heavy from the stress.

You wish you understood what’s happening to you.

“Will I ever feel better?” you wonder. “Or is this my life now?”

It’s terrifying to think that unless something changes, you may be stuck like this forever.

“Or worse, what if things get even more difficult than they are now?” Thoughts like this keep you up at night.

It’s possible to explain what you’re experiencing.

Your brain is on fast mode, and we need to slow it down.

Your nervous system is likely responding to something in its environment and triggering body memories.

You can learn more in therapy with me about body memories, through my studies with Psychiatrist Bessel van der Kolk from his book, “The Body Keeps the Score.”

Rest assured, there is a way to find calm again.

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The brain actually can go on vacation (kind of) through the healing interventions of EMDR, Somatic, and Mindfulness.

These above-mentioned therapy interventions are rooted in the basic idea of neuroplasticity; that neurons in our brain are active where energy flows.

And this is where I come in; to help you calm down old neural pathways and create new neural pathways.

Hi, I’m Thasja.

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And I can’t wait to be your guide back to the calm.

For over 20 years, I’ve helped people like you find the peace and purpose they’ve been searching for.

Calming trauma is what I do. We will meet as often as needed and build your treatment plan based on your needs.

Through interventions such as EMDR, Mindfulness, and Somatic work, we will explore how your brain is getting triggered. This will mean leaning into the parts that are uncomfortable, because these areas are what we ultimately want to ease, not dismiss.

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You are not alone.

Find the answers you’ve been looking for and create the life you want.

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