EMDR Therapy

1714912069The memories from the past come back in flashes.

Images you never realized had an impact on you and bring up a strange sensation you have not noticed before.

You find your thoughts filling with fear, shame, and confusion. The thoughts spiral around, making it hard to focus.

You think it may be your fault. And on top of blaming yourself, there is a lonely feeling.

Know this: You are not alone.

There is a therapy that can help heal your pain from the past.

You recall a memory of sitting alone in the kitchen, feeling scared. There is this vague image of something happening around you, but you can’t quite make it out.

There’s a feeling of not trusting what is happening around you – a sense that you are not important lingers in you.

These and many other upsetting childhood memories and their attached beliefs can be transformed with a therapy intervention called EMDR.

“What is EMDR?” you ask.

It is an eight-phase therapy approach that I will break down into three core steps for you:

The first step is to help your body calm, using various techniques to lower your anxiety.

The second step is to explore impacting present-day triggers and see the connections to the past.

The third step, that everyone is waiting for, includes a gentle bilateral stimulation that helps your brain relax and process traumatic memories that have been stored in your unconscious brain, causing anxiety, restlessness, and interfering thoughts.

“What can I expect will happen?”

Your brain will attempt to do a reorientation as it shifts perspectives, and the whole body starts to experience things differently.

It’s common to feel new emotions, thoughts, and sensations about old situations.

When processing transforms information, you can expect an ease in being, doing, and connecting.

2160351855“What if I am scared of the EMDR process?”

We will take it slow.

We will incorporate mindfulness practices to allow you to stay present no matter what emotion arises. We will make sure the past does not overwhelm you by helping you have a foot in the present with the past.

I like to use the gentle tappers pictured here for calming and processing the brain. They tend to be gentler than the rapid eye movement.

2006404259You will be able to show up for you.

EMDR works on our ability to observe self. Not only does it help you gain awareness, but it also helps with your meta-awareness.

Becoming more aware will give you more control and, subsequently, more freedom.

I would love to connect to see if the experience of EMDR is for you. Reach out today.