Somatic Therapy

2299849949The Gut Swirls and The Brain Bothers

You think “Oh boy?” as that familiar feeling starts coursing through your body.

Then the predictable thoughts crop up, “Why?” and “Not now!”

These thoughts are quickly followed by the manifestations of fear. There is something in the throat. You’re short of breath. The self-blame sets in. You think, “If only I could gain control again.”

This has been going on long enough that you have thought about therapy.

There is more to therapy than talking.

There is a type of therapy that focuses on body sensations, allowing them to flow through.

Talk sometimes is not enough; it doesn’t always release that tension.

Somatic therapy allows you to notice the tension you are feeling and ease it so that you are more present in your day. It is a form of body-centered therapy that looks at the connection of the brain and body.

Your body holds on to memories, so this therapy works by helping to release tension and other nagging sensations that are there due to trauma.

We use this therapy when we want to help calm your nervous system and dig to the root of your issue.

Feel the Feeling instead of Being the Emotion

I will help you notice thoughts and how they impact you – then, take your focus to your sensations.

We will track the sensations, notice where they get stuck, notice what comes up, and ultimately help them calm.

Then we’ll return to the brain, letting it sense the body’s new calm reactions.

This will start a new message pathway in the brain that will begin to have “AH-HA” moments that you can get out of where you are stuck.

With some practice, you will start to develop the feeling that you can get through anything.

2131391789If you haven’t tried Somatic Therapy, it’s worth a try.

It is a holistic approach that gently tracks the sensations. The practice will build your meta-awareness between your body and your brain with the goal of helping you to feel better.

If you have questions, I am happy to answer! Please reach out to me at (310) 591-0795.

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